Well today is one of my best friend’s birthday – I wish him all the best on this day. I can’t wait till mine, while we’re on the subject of birthdays – in just 4 weeks!

I’ve been stuck with an ailment, occasionally I sound like Brian Johnson/David Coverdale/Liam Neeson (if I wanted to) and it’s just been the most funniest thing I’ve ever heard. My mother thought I had a friend over! Although, that being said if I had a friend that sounded like Liam Neeson I’d have him do my voicemail.

I’ve started playing a BIT like Steve Vai recently, I’m not saying that I’m a god like Steve Vai as in my playing is a combination now of Eddie Van Halen, Joe Perry and now Steve Vai. I must admit seeing Steve Vai earlier on this month did inspire me to work harder on my guitar playing, and I just wish I could get my Kramer SM-1 repaired (that, unlike my 110st, has a full cavity to which I can pull back on) so I can continue improving my sound!

Oh and I recommend anyone who hasn’t seen it yet “Bill and Ted’s EXCELLENT Adventure!” – I saw this film when I was younger and it never fails to amuse me!

But that’s all really.

Thanks for Reading

Miles Grindey

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