Come At Me New Year!

Well 2012 is now over, and what a year it was! Full of fun and exciting ventures, new experiences and new faces. I couldn’t be happier with how 2012 turned out. Every time I reflect upon last year I keep smiling.

I’ve done some stupid stuff, said stupid things, made stupid mistakes. I’ve made people laugh, not too sure if I’ve made anyone cry, I’ve certainly had an impact on some peoples lives.  I’ve lost weight and yeah it’s been a great year!

I’m going to be optimistic and say that 2013 is going to be a good year, I’m going to be meeting new people, having more experiences and just overall better myself as a human being.

Some advice for you:

  1. Know when someone is using you, when you start getting a little hint in your mind that this may be the case it’s good to jump ship, even if you make a mistake you can be sure that if they come running back then they’re a keeper!
  2. Don’t wait on your friends – make plans yourself! They’re not thinking “Oh I must see if *insert-name* is available” all day.
  3. Likewise, don’t persist on meeting up with people, if they keep putting something off or bail every time, it’s probably good to assume that they aren’t interested in whatever you hope to achieve (whether it’s a friend or whatever)
  4. Make sure you focus on the positives in life, if you hang on to the negatives and become pessimistic then people are just going to give up on you and just leave you to your own devices.

I know I have said this many a few times in my previous posts but sometimes I find it best to just bring it on home a few times!

I hope your year will be perfect.

Thanks for reading

Miles Grindey

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