Gaza Rally in Portsmouth

I’d figure I’d write my version of accounts of what happened at the rally in Portsmouth today, since I don’t think there’s been any proper coverage of the events where I was.

The entire procession was a mainly peaceful occasion, there were many of us at the rally – there were some great speeches made, including one by the Coordinator of the South East Hampshire Green Party.

Some incredibly good points were made, how we were there to support the Palestinian civilians and how we condemn the bloodshed of this whole thing. After a while we went on a march near the train station. I thought I’d give it 5 minutes before something happen, then lo-and-behold there were about 10 EDL thugs attempting to cause a fight with a Israeli flag and just shouting. After the police sorted them out we continued with members of the public filming and smiling at us.

This van shot out police officers quicker than you can shout “cops!” – they showed up 5 seconds after the EDL skinheads caused a fuss. Top marks.

Anyway the whole thing came to an end around two-ish, I had a lovely chat with a man called “Mr Molar” (he called himself that). I then spoke to a nice lady (whose name I’ve forgotten – I’m dreadful with names) who told me that I was inspiring and that there should be more people like me – I told her that I was very grateful for her kind words, and then finally I spoke a couple of our new members and then we left.

Very peaceful.

Thank you for reading,



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