Seven Days Till Christmas!

Well today has been quite a mild day, spent all day in watched a few films. Not a lot really has happened until about an hour or so ago, when a note was popped through the door:

Note through the door

Now I uploaded this photo onto Facebook – and apparently it is wrong that I, an Atheist, should celebrate Christmas. Now… am I NOT celebrating the birth of Jesus/Dionysus/Horus (Those guys had pretty much the same story) – I am celebrating the “new” 21st century capitalist version of Christmas, which is pretty much “some-time-off-around-the-end-of-the-year-which-you-can-celebrate-with-family-and-friends-and-splash-some-cash-on-them-as-well” and apparently I am bashing religion at every turn – well I can safely say I am not, because that means that I would be literally going round my friends houses throwing Dawkins/Hitchens books at them and quoting passages to justify my actions. I even said:

“The key thing to note here is this:

There is no bashing here. There would be if they had written on here “Abortion is wrong, Gay people are sinful, Evolution is a lie. etc” – if it’s their own personal view FINE. But the minute they try and lobby the government so it effects everyone else – that’s when the bashing begins.”

But religion aside, Christmas is a great time of year where I get to spend some quality time with family and friends, I also recorded a video today which shall be posted on the Guitar Reviews section.

Thanks for reading

Miles Grindey

*UPDATE* – Could not post the video as WordPress would like to charge $60 to be able to share videos properly (Upload them, I’m not putting that video on YouTube as it’s not ‘YouTube’ quality)