A New Week

Well it’s just gone twenty minutes past five here in the evening here, so my day isn’t totally over but I have a feeling not much else is going to be happening today (slight pessimism there). But I’ve gotten over my cold I managed to get this time last week so I’ve started attempting to battle the weight I’ve put on over the weekend – I walked a good couple of miles to my grandparents house, I was planning on running home but I felt it was more appropriate to go with them when they went out.

I love walking, I once walked from Warsash to Southampton (8.2 miles) – it was great. I did that around May 2012 time, I remember I had to get the bus to Eastleigh from Above Bar st because I just COULDN’T keep walking. Took me about 3 hours, I might do that again actually – I have plenty of time… why not?  Walking is great if you need to “clear your head” or just “need to get things straight”, I can’t keep track of the amount of times walking has cheered me up when I’ve been down.

I remember a week or so ago when I introduced one of my closest friends to a girl I’d been hanging out with, and when he was hanging out with a couple of my other close friends he said “Friendzoned” (I would like to point out he didn’t say this randomly, I said to him “Oh you remember..?” – although that being said he does seem to say some things that, I guess, he feels that I’d be annoyed at if he said it to me privately) but what I find is that being “Friendzoned” is more worthwhile – Yes I won’t be “getting any” but I will have that one more friend that might just well prove to be a really good friend.

Come September 2013 I shall be back in the Educational system – where I belong. I can assure you that I shall put my education in front of my social life – this time anyway.  Unemployment sucks.

Thanks for reading

Miles Grindey