It’s Raining Again!

Oh! It’s been pouring it down over here, I couldn’t bear being stuck in for two days straight watching DVDs! I went out for a bit and popped round a friends house – catched up with them. I mean I’m trying my best to beat the weight I’m putting on over this Christmas period – so it’s something.

I’ve not got much to say today – but I will say this. If you’re whining about “your friends aren’t making the effort” – it takes two to make a friendship work, you’ve got to put in the effort as well. If you constantly strive to make plans with your friends and they keep turning you down because of an assortment of reasons then yeah I can understand your angst but the key thing is to keep trying because it’s just pointless to throw your arms in the air and blame them.

Now I’m absolutely dying to get a new guitar – people who aren’t into “Guitars”/Play guitars don’t understand this but… EVERY GUITAR IS DIFFERENT. For example two of my guitars – My Kramer Pacer Classic and Kramer 110st what is different about them, I’ll list them here:

  1. The Pacer Classic’s Floyd Rose has been set to divebomb only it has no cavity to pull back on and was recessed, the 110st’s has pull back as well as divebomb.
  2. The Pacer Classic has two humbuckers and the 110st has ONE.
  3. The Pacer Classic has two volume controls (for both humbucking pickups) and a tone control – I could make it as a killswitch if I wanted to, The 110ST has only one volume control.
  4. The 110st’s fretboard is made from Rosewood, the Pacer classic’s fretboard is made from Maple – it has a brighter tone.
  5. The 110st’s neck is larger and is more closer to that of a typical Les Paul’s neck, the Pacer Classic is in between “Fat” and “Thin” necks.
  6. Pacer Classic: Licensed Floyd Rose. 110ST: Floyd Rose “II” – The strings on the PACER classic are exactly the same brand/style as the 110st (I use only D’addario XL’s) and on the 110ST tuning stability is slightly better than the Pacer Classic.

I could list differences between guitars but I’m afraid I cannot be bothered.

Thanks for reading.

Miles Grindey