Miles Grindey was born and raised in Warsash, a small village in South Hampshire, UK. In 2015 he left Fareham to study at the University of Brighton. During this time his desire for playing guitar grew, and in 2016 he joined The Bones And Arrows where the band recorded the Bones and Arrows EP, writing solos for “Slow Light” and writing the chorus riff and solo for “Muddy Sunshine“. Later that year, he left the band and pursued a solo career and over the course of 2017 he wrote, recorded, produced and composed his debut album, Caught in a Storm, released in 2018. The album features tracks such as a cover of Joy Division‘s hit “Love Will Tear Us Apart” and fan favourites such as “Caught in the Act“, “Staring Competition and “It Gets Better“. Miles also wrote, composed and produced “Ethereal Bollocks” which was released on May 4th 2018.

Following his departure from Brighton at the beginning of Autumn 2018, Miles returned home and began work on a second album. It wasn’t long before Miles found himself in Atlanta, GA where he spent two stints out there (for a total of five months). During his time across the pond, Miles met vocalist Ian Michael Bruh (Bumpin’ The Mango, Backroad To Brooklyn), drummer Wayne Viar and was put in touch with bassist Enrico Galetta (based in Bolonga, Italy). Serious work was done on the ten tracks, with “Make Up Your Mind” and “Stride” being the only surviving tracks (the former being completed entirely in Atlanta and the latter finished off in Southampton, UK). Make Up Your Mind was released a little while after Miles’ return to the UK on May 31st 2019.

Soon after his stateside adventures, Miles became a regular at various jam sessions across Southampton and, occasionally, London. Towards the end of the year, Miles organised a studio session to record a blues song he wrote whilst in Atlanta titled “Nasal Coffee”. It was recorded at River Studios, Southampton by Matthew Parisi and features Liam Wakefield (vocals), Cam Lynn (bass), Tim T (drums), Reg Kent (Harmonica) and David Martin (keyboards). Mixed and Mastered by Nicholas Bowen at Quay West Studios, Gosport. The track was released on December 13th 2019.

Before the Covid-19 pandemic began, Miles worked on a new instrumental track titled “Slam Town” which was released on March 20th 2020. This would be the first track of his that was played on local radio station, BBC Radio Solent as part of the BBC Upload show. Prior to this, however, Miles had planned to salvage what he could from the Atlanta sessions and continue working on the second album – unfortunately the pandemic dealt a blow and all work ceased.

At the beginning of the UK’s first lockdown, Miles began writing a number of tracks. From March to July of 2020, he had written a vast number of compositions. Toward the end of May that year, Miles explored the use of Synthesizer in composition and wrote a synth-heavy electro-funk track titled “Fully Loaded” which was released on June 12th 2020. By the end of the summer, Miles has completed the second album. “Isolate This!” was released on September 18th 2020 and features contributions by Eric Rupert (bass – “Nothing But Sweet Memories”), Richard Jewer (bass – “Have It Your Way” & “Someday), Sonia D (lyrics & vocals – “Someday”) and Laurence Henderson (guitar solo #2 – “Back To Business”).

Following the album’s release, Miles went on to finish “Stride” (the other surviving “Atlanta” track) by early 2021. The song was released, finally, on April 23rd 2021. Prior to this, Miles began utilising guitar synth/MIDI technologies to write parts in compositions for other instruments – expanding his capabilities in songwriting. In January 2021, Miles began a semi-regular weekly Livestream series titled “Miles’ Musical Grindstravigansa” on Sunday’s at 7pm (UK Time) on Twitch, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter.

Sometime in March 2021, Miles began work on a new tune titled “Funk Right Off (Major C)”. The track is set to be released on September 3rd 2021 and features Cam Lynn (bass), Adam Wolfe (drums) and Nick Willsher (Saxophone), it was mixed and mastered by Nicholas Bowen at Quay West Studios, Gosport.