Isolate This! (2020)

“Isolate This!” is Miles Grindey’s second album. The release features a number of tracks covering a wide range of genres, showcasing Miles’ abilities in music production and composition – as well as his own capabilities on guitar, bass and keys. The album was released on September 18th 2020.

“Someday” received airplay on BBC Radio Solent was received as part of the Upload segment prior to the album’s release.

Listen to the album HERE!


1. Jammy Dave
2. Have It Your Way
3. Fully Loaded
4. Back To Business
5. Ace Up The Sleeve
6. Slam Town (Album Version)
7. Nothing But Sweet Memories
8. Someday

Music written and produced by Miles Grindey.
Lyrics to “Jammy Dave” by Miles Grindey.
Lyrics to “Someday” by Sonia D.

Mixed and Mastered at GrindCave Studios, Southampton.


Miles Grindey – Guitars, Bass (tracks 1, 3, 5 & 6), Keyboard/Synthesizer, Strings and Drum/Percussion Arrangement, vocals (track 1).
Sonia D – Vocals (track 8)
Laurence Henderson – Guitar (track 4)
Richard Jewer – Bass (tracks 2 & 8)
Eric Rupert – Bass (track 7)