September 2021
“Miles Grindey – Funk Right Off (Major C)” (Indie Dock Music Blog)

October 2019
Miles Grindey – “Make Up Your Mind” is a high-water mark by any metric you’d care to employ!” (JamSphere)

“”Make Up Your Mind” – peaks of quality, depth and beauty” (Soundlooks)

“”Make Up Your Mind” will appeal to a wide audience” (Review Indie)

“Miles Grindey’s Make Up Your Mind is perfectly tuned to mainstream rock radio!” (VideoMusicStars)

“…Steady rhythm and heartfelt lyrics!” (IndependentMusic24)

“Miles Grindey’s “Make Up Your Mind” – A well thought out, well written and exquisitely produced single” (Brandooze)

September 2019
“Music Review: Miles Grindey – Make Up Your Mind” (Xttrawave)

“Miles Grindey – Make Up Your Mind” (Eat This Rock & Metal)

“ARTIST FEATURE: Miles Grindey” (Phoenix 98 FM)

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December 2017
“Album To Raise Cash for Charity” (Portsmouth News)