Caught in a Storm will be released on January 11th 2018 via SoundCloud.


It’s been a while!

In between working a part time job (which I have now left), dealing with a flat that can only be described as "maximum dinge", finishing my degree and starting a new band - it's been quite a rollercoaster as of late. I'm set to move out of Brighton, for how long I don't know, and …

Statement on Warsash Planning Decision

The decision made yesterday to allow hundreds of homes to be built in Warsash can only be condemned in the strongest possible terms. While I am unsure of the background forces that encouraged senior Conservative councillors to vote in favour, one thing we can be certain of - it stinks. One thing we can take from this as a positive, is the inspiration from those who fought so hard against this shambolic decision - we must show them our thanks. 

My pledge on Mental Health

When I was selected by the Fareham and Gosport Green Party, there are many issues that we as residents of Fareham have to address. Mental health is an issue that affects all of us - whether you're rich or poor, young or old. Every one of us will have gone through a crisis at one point or another at some time in our lives, and I encourage everyone to speak confidently about their mental health - you aren't alone.