Full Announcement: Isolate This!

CAUTION: This article contains NSFW language and an insight which to some may be somewhat unsettling, or may cause instant death upon reading certain parts. Don’t say you haven’t been warned.

WELL! It’s been a fucking long time since I wrote anything here and bloody hell, it won’t disappoint – well maybe you, but I’m getting quite the thrill just starting this. As you may or may not be aware aware on September 18th 2020, my second album – “Isolate This!” will be released worldwide. You’re welcome.

Now this wasn’t meant to happen, yes you read that correctly, because since about this time two years ago (or maybe it was June or July, bugger if I can remember) I began work on a second album. A great deal of work went into it. I even went to Atlanta, USA (if you’re reading this and think “oh here he goes again”, you can go fuck yourself – I digress). However, primarily because of this whole Covid-19 utter wankery and secondarily because of some behind-the-scenes BS that won’t ever be aired for at least 30 years, maybe in an autobiography (perhaps for future cats, literally) – I began work on a new, second album… which is Isolate This!

The album has 8 tracks, yes some of you who got a link off someone who wanted to get stimulated over a bit of gossip may be thinking 8 is a bit short but quite frankly you can’t spell gr8 without 8, so piss off. The whole audible escapade features some truly great moments, from Laurence Henderson’s epic solo on “Back To Business”, Eric Rupert doing some insane shit on “Nothing But Sweet Memories”, Richard Jewer laying down cool grooves on “Have It Your Way” and Sonia D singing brilliantly on a track she co-wrote called “Someday” – all of these tracks and the others on this album are, at least in my opinion, brilliant.

Isolate This! was born from this moment in our history, without sounding too fucking self-absorbed. I am glad that other artists and/or musicians were kind enough to play on it. There are a lot of people who I greatly admire and who inspire me that I would have liked to have had play on the album but I know that this will not be the last, far from it. There is, despite this period, all the time in the world.

I dedicate this album to Mark Poulter, for the years of friendship, encouragement, inspiration and guidance he has given me over many many years not just in terms of guitar playing or music, but in myself as a person as well.

Be great to one another and don’t be a cunt.