“Funk Right Off (Major C)” Coming Soon!

Wow, who knew a website could gather dust? Bloody hell! Oh, I’m writing some sort of blog post. Christ. Well, I’d figured I’d write something sooner rather than later – so it might as well be about this. If you are one of the few people who notice what I posted on Facebook, a lurker on my Instagram or one of the many, many people who saw the post about this on TikTok – you’ll know. I am releasing a brand new track!

The journey? Well let me tell you, I didn’t go far because I’m reducing my chances (drastically) of getting that bloody Covid bollocks. BUT! A lot has happened to get to this point. It all began sometime in March when I was doing my usual thing of creating a project in Logic Pro, naming it something very rude and then moving onto something else. Well not this one! I was messing with some Guitar MIDI thing, now this is pretty neat because I could plug my guitar into my Focusrite Clarett and then the software effectively “chats” to Logic and lets me play anything (even Tibetan Singing Bowls – I read that wrong originally but I’ll spare you). Whilst on this crazy, crazy rabbit hole of a musical experiment, I started playing with the Sax MIDI alongside some composition I just conjured up. It was starting to feel pretty good.

So I put it all together, wrote a rough solo, then I realised it could be really, really cool. I sent it first to Cam Lynn, who responded with a photo of himself holding his six-string headless bass and it was then I knew immediately he got what I was trying to do. I then realised that, as good as EZ Drummer is to a simple minded guitarist like myself, I needed some real drums in this thing. It was at this point that a lightbulb “eureka” moment happened and at long last, I could finally get Adam Wolfe to play on something of mine – and so it was. The final part of this musical puzzle was trying to work out whether or not I wanted a Sax player… I’m kidding! Of course I was gonna get a real one in! So that’s when I enlisted the stylings of the epic Nick Willsher – whom I have played with at a few jam sessions and had heard he was doing some stuff remotely at this time.

Now all along that part, I told Nick Bowen at Quay West that I had wanted to work with him again for quite some time. I was pretty convinced he was fed up with me constantly saying that I had something but then it fizzled out. Nope, not anymore! I like to think I always come through, eventually… but anyway. I had seen some angry Canadian on YouTube give excellent advice about recordings and I can’t remember his name but despite what I’ve just said he seemed like a very nice bloke who knew his stuff. I digress, when Nick W’s Sax came through – it was go time. So everything bounced down, numbered, named and in a folder – it was sent to Nick B.

“MY CHRIST. GOOD GOD.” were the thoughts that went through my head when I first heard it back from Nick B (and trying to fight off a full blown heart attack – because of how insane it sounded, I was fine really – very happy). A few more tweaks however and now its set for release in a teensy, tiny bit over a week from now! Cam, Adam and Nick W did an exceptional job to say the least and I am honoured that they played on this track, especially how stellar they did. I am also incredibly grateful for the work Nick B put into Mixing and Mastering the track, I am certain this is my best sounding release (so far…)

Since announcing this on social media, the most surprising thing about the response is the fact that two posts on TikTok about the track are (as of this writing) a little under two thousand views – not much in the grand scheme of the platform but for little ol’ me – I’ll take it! Couldn’t care less normally about the views but taking positives as they come!

Anyway, have fun, stay safe and get ready for Funk Right Off (Major C)