The Perfect Week

I can say without a doubt that the 8th week of 2013 is the greatest week of my life so far. I’ve never felt so good in all my life I just feel so incredibly happy.

Monday and Tuesday I spent time with one of my best friends in the whole world, we sat around chatting and bantering. The weather was also really nice on Tuesday so I went with my friend on a walk around the area. That was nice! On Wednesday I just had a lazy day and helped my Grandparents with their shopping. Thursday was just a great, but lazy, day! Friday I had a great guitar lesson and I cannot thank my Teacher (Mark Poulter) enough for showing me more scales and stuff to assist me in my general playing, Then it was just sit around and wait for 8pm to fly around and so I could go to an old friend’s party. That was fun too!

Overall I must say I’m really pleased with life as it is right now, seeing so many people happy makes me happy. It’s just a beautiful thing life. I can tell you, dear Reader, right now that if I ever feel slightly down – for whatever reason – I shall look back to this week with a big “Grindey Grin” and just use that to make another time EVEN BETTER.

One of the happiest people around,

Miles Grindey.

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