Politics is a dirty Job, but I’m the man to do it!

or those who have just looked at the title of this post and gone “What on earth is he on about!?” I can tell you it’s a slight alteration of the song “Lovin’ You’s A Dirty Job” by the band Ratt.

This week has been highly political for me, on Tuesday and Thursday I campaigned with the NHAP (National Health Action Party) for their candidate Dr Iain Maclennan for the Eastleigh By-Election!

I’ll just leave THIS here in case you want to read more into that

Overall I’m doing alright, helped one of my friends through a slight rough patch, think he’s doing alright! I’ve gained a lil bit of weight but to be quite frank this happened last year – it should be fine around May-ish, that’s when I’m doing Round 4 of weight loss!

I’m starting a MOOC in 10 days, should be fun.

Sorry it’s not that interesting!

Thanks for reading.

Miles Grindey

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