Just because you do not take an interest in politics doesn’t mean politics won’t take an interest in you.

I’d like to start by apologising for my lack of updates from this site, I’ve been taking some time off from the last election and my exams. I’m just coming off my relaxing period. So here goes!

I’ve just been on the BBC Site and I’ve been listening to Tim Stanley’s take on “Young People” in politics. I can safely say that his anecdote is something that is quite common place within parties like Labour. He said that young people are “immature” and that they are often on the “fringes” of what the party stands for.

While that is true he seems to not pay attention to the fact that, unlike pre-internet generations, we have the capabilities to get information at our fingertips. We can read into the history of organisations, people and such things. So, like the rest of society, us “young people” can make an educated decision based on the positions we support and what parties we align to.

Being involved with The Warsash Residents’ Association, the Police Support Volunteer Executive Committee, the Itchen Student Union and it’s body of Governors – I’ve learned and adapted skills to ensure that when I make a decision or put forward my viewpoint it is well informed and that it considers other people’s point of view/circumstances. 

The Green Party have been such a welcoming party to enable us “young people” to flourish and rationalise our passion for change and our ambition to help make society fairer and more equal. 

So am I immature? I don’t feel it – my mum says I should have been born 50 years ago! 

Do I feel like I have the answers to everything? No, but I’d like to try with a few ideas and see what people think.

So reader you’re about to see the few words strung together I’d thought I’d never use, I’m with Ann Widdecombe on this one, but I go one step further. Young people should be actively involved. If they can teach Religious Education at Primary and Secondary level, why can’t they teach politics or something similar?

It’s sad to see people of a similar age whinge more over the change of the Facebook layout than a hike in tuition fees. 

Thanks for reading,






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