Green vs Labour Part 2: Progressives need a Party for Social Movements

Socialist Campaign for a Labour Victory

This is the second of a four-part debate on the subject of whether left-wing activists should participate in the Labour Party or the Green Party. This first part argued for the Labour Party and was written by James McAsh, a member of the London Young Labour Executive Committee. This response makes the case for the Green Party. It is written by Peter McColl, Scottish Green Party Parliamentary Candidate for Edinburgh East.

Green politics is the greatest threat to capitalism in the 21st Century. The attack on Green politics reflects this status. Capitalist elites, having captured social democratic parties over the past 25 years, need to find ways to capture or neutralise Green politics and the parties that it represents. The arguments about how capitalism has destroyed people’s lives and the environment that are required to sustain them have little to refute them. So instead, we see corporate funded climate conspiracies, attempts to…

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