“Well That Was Fast!”

So it’s been a few days since my last post – due to Christmas and illness! I’ve had the friendly staff at PJ’s Guitar Centre restring my Acoustic and have some work done on two of the Kramer Guitars! They’re going to look and sound great, my Acoustic sounds better than ever with some new strings and plays amazing with low action.

Such good guys over that store, I advise to check them out they’re absolutely fantastic, know their stuff and really can steer you on the right path if you want to play the guitar. I did some YouTube videos for them a while back.

Christmas was great, some quality time with the family and some great food being consumed! Never felt happier in my life, although that’s usually what Christmas should do for anyone who chooses to celebrate it.

Time to get cracking on with the Bond DVD box set I received!

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Miles Grindey

My Couch and I

Well I didn’t write up a post yesterday as I was struck with an ailment (again!) – so I apologise.

Not much has happened although I would recommend (if you have a sore throat) that you gargle Listerine/other anti-bacterial mouthwash, that really does the trick!

Seriously not a lot to say although it is two days till Christmas! So I can’t wait till that.

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Miles Grindey

Seven Days Till Christmas!

Well today has been quite a mild day, spent all day in watched a few films. Not a lot really has happened until about an hour or so ago, when a note was popped through the door:

Note through the door

Now I uploaded this photo onto Facebook – and apparently it is wrong that I, an Atheist, should celebrate Christmas. Now… am I NOT celebrating the birth of Jesus/Dionysus/Horus (Those guys had pretty much the same story) – I am celebrating the “new” 21st century capitalist version of Christmas, which is pretty much “some-time-off-around-the-end-of-the-year-which-you-can-celebrate-with-family-and-friends-and-splash-some-cash-on-them-as-well” and apparently I am bashing religion at every turn – well I can safely say I am not, because that means that I would be literally going round my friends houses throwing Dawkins/Hitchens books at them and quoting passages to justify my actions. I even said:

“The key thing to note here is this:

There is no bashing here. There would be if they had written on here “Abortion is wrong, Gay people are sinful, Evolution is a lie. etc” – if it’s their own personal view FINE. But the minute they try and lobby the government so it effects everyone else – that’s when the bashing begins.”

But religion aside, Christmas is a great time of year where I get to spend some quality time with family and friends, I also recorded a video today which shall be posted on the Guitar Reviews section.

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Miles Grindey

*UPDATE* – Could not post the video as WordPress would like to charge $60 to be able to share videos properly (Upload them, I’m not putting that video on YouTube as it’s not ‘YouTube’ quality)