Kramer or Ibanez?

It’s been a confusing time really, for about a week now I’ve had this Ibanez GRG7221 (it’s a seven string and by the “G” before the “RG” it means it’s part of the GIO series and this is actually one of the cheapest around) and It’s absolutely fantastic, I’ve had no complaints – it’s a very responsive guitar!

One of the greatest bargains of 2013.

One of the greatest bargains of 2013.

Now I’ve got three Kramers and I’ll tell you more about each one:

  1. The Kramer Pacer Classic, it’s based on the 1983 Kramer Pacer Imperial. It has a sort of “Explorer” wiring, so if I turned down the neck volume and still had up the bridge volume I could use the pickup selector as a kill switch. Licenced Floyd Rose – Now I remember when I got this it was recessed slightly so you could do SOME pull-up techniques but I had it flush mounted (more EVH style, that’s all I use the guitar for!) but I remember I had to sort out the wiring a couple of times, the action was quite high from the factory, pickups (Epiphone, go figure) were weak! It now has two Ibanez (Coincidence!?) pickups, v7 & v8, humbuckers – action is nice and low. Overall it is an “okay” priced guitar £249.99, if you’re willing to put in the work to get it to a satisfactory level.

    pacer classic - left110st - right

    Pacer Classic – left
    110st – right

  2. The Kramer 110st, a fine relic from 1988 – part of the 100 series! Came with a Floyd Rose II (not schaller, the terrible cheapo Floyd, it’s been there since ’88) and an EMG 81. It now still has the FR-II and now with one of my all time favourite pickups the Bare Knuckle VH-II. It’s a lot better now but still the lead input is EXTREMELY dodgy. Need to get THAT repaired again! This guitar was made in Korea, and in the 80s that meant one thing… TERRIBLE. (Although it’s better than some would think!) Priced at £186.00 and from a very good eBay seller!
  3. Kramer SM-1, basically it’s the Kramer Stagemaster, a lovely set neck, EMG equipped and Floyd Rose Special, stays in Tune, but what was my problem with this? Screws. Like on my old Steinberger GT-PRO deluxe, the screws were so cheap and awful that they broke, usually I don’t mind but when it’s the Trem claw screws I’m gonna get annoyed. So I had to take THAT into PJ’s Guitar Centre and get THAT repaired and now it’s absolutely perfect so thank you PJ’s! Bought B stock from Thomann for £460 – usually it’s £649… bargain!

Now I love all 4 guitars, but the thing is that after the fact that a cheapo Ibanez has blown my mind, I want more! Oh YES. I am considering to defect to Ibanez due to that simple occurrence. Gibson own the Kramer brand (est the late 90s) and in my experience I have found that Gibson’s quality on their guitars has somewhat slipped, their Les Pauls are starting to have chambered bodies instead of a solid body. Gibson has been frantically making attempts to make some more variation on their standard models, but to no avail. Honestly, nothing has blown my mind. The last time I was impressed by Gibson was when they decided to make a Flying V Tremolo and an Explorer Tremolo.

I’ve never had a more painful experience than trying to set up the Kramer Pacer Classic or SM-1, in the end it has been worth it, they are great – as long as you put in the effort to make it work. UNLIKE my latest Ibanez – which came in perfect condition AND the action was already low! So I was extremely happy.

As soon as I can I will be making a M-Grind III (with Carvin).

Come At Me New Year!

Well 2012 is now over, and what a year it was! Full of fun and exciting ventures, new experiences and new faces. I couldn’t be happier with how 2012 turned out. Every time I reflect upon last year I keep smiling.

I’ve done some stupid stuff, said stupid things, made stupid mistakes. I’ve made people laugh, not too sure if I’ve made anyone cry, I’ve certainly had an impact on some peoples lives.  I’ve lost weight and yeah it’s been a great year!

I’m going to be optimistic and say that 2013 is going to be a good year, I’m going to be meeting new people, having more experiences and just overall better myself as a human being.

Some advice for you:

  1. Know when someone is using you, when you start getting a little hint in your mind that this may be the case it’s good to jump ship, even if you make a mistake you can be sure that if they come running back then they’re a keeper!
  2. Don’t wait on your friends – make plans yourself! They’re not thinking “Oh I must see if *insert-name* is available” all day.
  3. Likewise, don’t persist on meeting up with people, if they keep putting something off or bail every time, it’s probably good to assume that they aren’t interested in whatever you hope to achieve (whether it’s a friend or whatever)
  4. Make sure you focus on the positives in life, if you hang on to the negatives and become pessimistic then people are just going to give up on you and just leave you to your own devices.

I know I have said this many a few times in my previous posts but sometimes I find it best to just bring it on home a few times!

I hope your year will be perfect.

Thanks for reading

Miles Grindey

A New Week

Well it’s just gone twenty minutes past five here in the evening here, so my day isn’t totally over but I have a feeling not much else is going to be happening today (slight pessimism there). But I’ve gotten over my cold I managed to get this time last week so I’ve started attempting to battle the weight I’ve put on over the weekend – I walked a good couple of miles to my grandparents house, I was planning on running home but I felt it was more appropriate to go with them when they went out.

I love walking, I once walked from Warsash to Southampton (8.2 miles) – it was great. I did that around May 2012 time, I remember I had to get the bus to Eastleigh from Above Bar st because I just COULDN’T keep walking. Took me about 3 hours, I might do that again actually – I have plenty of time… why not?  Walking is great if you need to “clear your head” or just “need to get things straight”, I can’t keep track of the amount of times walking has cheered me up when I’ve been down.

I remember a week or so ago when I introduced one of my closest friends to a girl I’d been hanging out with, and when he was hanging out with a couple of my other close friends he said “Friendzoned” (I would like to point out he didn’t say this randomly, I said to him “Oh you remember..?” – although that being said he does seem to say some things that, I guess, he feels that I’d be annoyed at if he said it to me privately) but what I find is that being “Friendzoned” is more worthwhile – Yes I won’t be “getting any” but I will have that one more friend that might just well prove to be a really good friend.

Come September 2013 I shall be back in the Educational system – where I belong. I can assure you that I shall put my education in front of my social life – this time anyway.  Unemployment sucks.

Thanks for reading

Miles Grindey

Sandwiches on Sunday

Well following yesterday there is a lot of food left over! So I can safely say that my “Fitness Regime” has been temporarily suspended until the new year (Not going overboard but there are a lot of things I have consumed that I probably shouldn’t have).

Not really much to say today – it’s been a rather lazy day, currently making plans with some friends who couldn’t make it yesterday (well a couple of them said they ‘forgot’).

I’ve been just watching films and eating all day, hardly productive but ‘it’s christmas” so as one of my best friends says “Go on, treat yourself!”.

But yeah thanks for reading.

Miles Grindey

Shizzle on Saturday

Well it’s now half ten in the evening here and I’m writing this since pretty much everyone departed from the homestead – I’ve had a really good evening seeing friends who decided to show up. Had a bit of a “guitar duel” with one of my other friends who plays the guitar that was funny.

But something that was bugging me all evening long was the people who said they were coming – ended up not coming, without warning and it saddened me that they did that – it was very difficult to choose people and I did leave quite a few friends out, people who I probably should have invited over the other people who didn’t show up (who said they would). I mean yeah it’s always a bummer when people say they can’t make it but at least they said.

Something I’ve learned today is that there’s a limit to how much of a “Good Friend” you can be to someone, when they start using you – regardless if you want to get laid or not – it’s probably time to bail. So I’m bailing on someone.

I had a pretty good evening – had a laugh or two with friends and had some funnier moments as the event drew to a close. I can’t wait to see what next week has in store for me, what challenges I get to overcome, what experiences I get to have and what new people I get to meet.

When life drops someone in your life, get to know them first – if there’s something that you really don’t like about someone, don’t stick around, chances are that’ll bring you down and a good degree of optimism is key to making you just that positive person to keep going in life.

Unemployment Blues

Well I’ve set up my own website, and right now I’m fighting with my mind what to write. I guess that these posts will be about my thoughts, and for those who just read the words “will be about my thoughts” and are deciding whether or not to click the exit button – I can assure you it is merely positive energy I try and give off.

I was thinking of doing this site like some sort of Guitar review/demonstration to help my YouTube videos (which as of May 2012 are on hiatus). But I fought against it – I’m not going to go uber personal and/or mention any names. It’s just going to be a blog, about what I’m doing.

So here goes…

Today I awoke after 7 hours sleep – it was a rather hectic evening, I was expecting to go to bed much earlier but circumstances prevented me from doing so. I used to think that I was an “Early Riser” and as such my day would be over by 4pm – but it appears I’m wrong!

Well anyway, one of the ‘many’ joys that unemployment brings to a 17 year old is the fact that I have some time now to get on with something useful, so I’ve spent most of the days I’ve been unemployed (well for me it’s out of education really – and that’s been since August 30th) working on my guitar playing.

It makes me cringe every time some cretin blames an immigrant for “stealing their job” or someone else says “there isn’t a job there” – what I usually say to these people is “Are you looking day and night for a job?” and usually the response I get is “No”. I am currently seeking work, something at a supermarket or something to get some work experience/extra money lying around, and although the amount of times I’ve received an email saying “We’re sorry but you’ve been unsuccessful” would drive any other human being into depression. But it’s with a level of optimism that I keep trying, and it’s the same level of optimism that I hope to put into this blog.

Thanks for reading

Miles Grindey