We’re Going Through Changes

Well another chapter in my life has just ended and I’ve learned a lot from it. The thing I tend to do with all my “experiences” is to find ways to “better myself”. I mean I feel like I did back at the end of January when I found out that a group of friends has pretty much divided up, and so the huge group of friends I once knew no longer exists. I felt like I had lost a very important section of my life (though really I hadn’t. A few people were still friends, but they seem to be reluctant to include me in much… I suppose “out of sight is out of mind” is in effect here)

Anyway, the following day I had met up with an old friend and yeah… long story short – a new chapter opened up. It’s a great chapter! There’s ups and downs (mainly ups!) and stick around, I might write a book!

Thanks for reading.

Miles Grindey

Am I Going Slightly Mad?

Well today I’ve had my first guitar lesson in a long while it was fun, can’t wait to have another very soon. It’ll help me build my confidence to learn more solos!

Now I need to check with the world to see if this is socially acceptable right, and bear with me for this:

Telling someone that you’re upset but you don’t QUITE feel like talking about it…?

Last time I did that I got told that I was “taking it out on them”… HOW? Someone please enlighten me!

Miles Grindey

Come At Me New Year!

Well 2012 is now over, and what a year it was! Full of fun and exciting ventures, new experiences and new faces. I couldn’t be happier with how 2012 turned out. Every time I reflect upon last year I keep smiling.

I’ve done some stupid stuff, said stupid things, made stupid mistakes. I’ve made people laugh, not too sure if I’ve made anyone cry, I’ve certainly had an impact on some peoples lives.  I’ve lost weight and yeah it’s been a great year!

I’m going to be optimistic and say that 2013 is going to be a good year, I’m going to be meeting new people, having more experiences and just overall better myself as a human being.

Some advice for you:

  1. Know when someone is using you, when you start getting a little hint in your mind that this may be the case it’s good to jump ship, even if you make a mistake you can be sure that if they come running back then they’re a keeper!
  2. Don’t wait on your friends – make plans yourself! They’re not thinking “Oh I must see if *insert-name* is available” all day.
  3. Likewise, don’t persist on meeting up with people, if they keep putting something off or bail every time, it’s probably good to assume that they aren’t interested in whatever you hope to achieve (whether it’s a friend or whatever)
  4. Make sure you focus on the positives in life, if you hang on to the negatives and become pessimistic then people are just going to give up on you and just leave you to your own devices.

I know I have said this many a few times in my previous posts but sometimes I find it best to just bring it on home a few times!

I hope your year will be perfect.

Thanks for reading

Miles Grindey

Pessimism Is Not In My Vocabulary

Throughout 2012 I have met some incredible people, some have come and gone, whilst others have stuck around and have been good friends. I may offer to “meet up” with them to have, what is known to many as a “catch up”. I’ve had the pleasure of heading to Southampton or other places to engage in these social events but I will say this, there is always time when they “can’t make it” or “are busy” and it is just something you’ve got to ignore.

Why ignore? Because if you keep thinking about the fact they cannot “make it” then you’ll most likely find yourself with a certain  “anxiety” when you next try and organise an outing with someone. Obviously if you keep trying to make plans with someone and they consistently “can’t make it” – take the hint, if you keep flogging that dead horse then eventually it’ll come round to smack you round the face in the form of gossip.

So what do I do? Well I just think “Okay.. they can’t make it” and just get on with my day, try and find someone else to fill the slot OR just do something you’re supposed to be doing and stop procrastinating! If you’re like me and need to purchase a train ticket to meet people – then think of it as some money saved (for potential future investments!) and just try and keep yourself occupied.

I also cannot wait to be attending college again in September. I need the education badly and it’s very dull when all your friends are at college/tied down with work. Could not be prouder of my friends aspiring to great heights.

Thanks for reading.

Miles Grindey

A New Week

Well it’s just gone twenty minutes past five here in the evening here, so my day isn’t totally over but I have a feeling not much else is going to be happening today (slight pessimism there). But I’ve gotten over my cold I managed to get this time last week so I’ve started attempting to battle the weight I’ve put on over the weekend – I walked a good couple of miles to my grandparents house, I was planning on running home but I felt it was more appropriate to go with them when they went out.

I love walking, I once walked from Warsash to Southampton (8.2 miles) – it was great. I did that around May 2012 time, I remember I had to get the bus to Eastleigh from Above Bar st because I just COULDN’T keep walking. Took me about 3 hours, I might do that again actually – I have plenty of time… why not?  Walking is great if you need to “clear your head” or just “need to get things straight”, I can’t keep track of the amount of times walking has cheered me up when I’ve been down.

I remember a week or so ago when I introduced one of my closest friends to a girl I’d been hanging out with, and when he was hanging out with a couple of my other close friends he said “Friendzoned” (I would like to point out he didn’t say this randomly, I said to him “Oh you remember..?” – although that being said he does seem to say some things that, I guess, he feels that I’d be annoyed at if he said it to me privately) but what I find is that being “Friendzoned” is more worthwhile – Yes I won’t be “getting any” but I will have that one more friend that might just well prove to be a really good friend.

Come September 2013 I shall be back in the Educational system – where I belong. I can assure you that I shall put my education in front of my social life – this time anyway.  Unemployment sucks.

Thanks for reading

Miles Grindey

Sandwiches on Sunday

Well following yesterday there is a lot of food left over! So I can safely say that my “Fitness Regime” has been temporarily suspended until the new year (Not going overboard but there are a lot of things I have consumed that I probably shouldn’t have).

Not really much to say today – it’s been a rather lazy day, currently making plans with some friends who couldn’t make it yesterday (well a couple of them said they ‘forgot’).

I’ve been just watching films and eating all day, hardly productive but ‘it’s christmas” so as one of my best friends says “Go on, treat yourself!”.

But yeah thanks for reading.

Miles Grindey

Shizzle on Saturday

Well it’s now half ten in the evening here and I’m writing this since pretty much everyone departed from the homestead – I’ve had a really good evening seeing friends who decided to show up. Had a bit of a “guitar duel” with one of my other friends who plays the guitar that was funny.

But something that was bugging me all evening long was the people who said they were coming – ended up not coming, without warning and it saddened me that they did that – it was very difficult to choose people and I did leave quite a few friends out, people who I probably should have invited over the other people who didn’t show up (who said they would). I mean yeah it’s always a bummer when people say they can’t make it but at least they said.

Something I’ve learned today is that there’s a limit to how much of a “Good Friend” you can be to someone, when they start using you – regardless if you want to get laid or not – it’s probably time to bail. So I’m bailing on someone.

I had a pretty good evening – had a laugh or two with friends and had some funnier moments as the event drew to a close. I can’t wait to see what next week has in store for me, what challenges I get to overcome, what experiences I get to have and what new people I get to meet.

When life drops someone in your life, get to know them first – if there’s something that you really don’t like about someone, don’t stick around, chances are that’ll bring you down and a good degree of optimism is key to making you just that positive person to keep going in life.