We’re Going Through Changes

Well another chapter in my life has just ended and I’ve learned a lot from it. The thing I tend to do with all my “experiences” is to find ways to “better myself”. I mean I feel like I did back at the end of January when I found out that a group of friends has pretty much divided up, and so the huge group of friends I once knew no longer exists. I felt like I had lost a very important section of my life (though really I hadn’t. A few people were still friends, but they seem to be reluctant to include me in much… I suppose “out of sight is out of mind” is in effect here)

Anyway, the following day I had met up with an old friend and yeah… long story short – a new chapter opened up. It’s a great chapter! There’s ups and downs (mainly ups!) and stick around, I might write a book!

Thanks for reading.

Miles Grindey