I Present, The Mighty… VAN HALEN!

I must say that if you expected this point you thought this post was about Van Halen, you’re wrong. Though they are my favourite band of all time, this post isn’t about them.

NOW, I’ve got a new guitar coming! It’s the brand new Ibanez GRG7221 – basically it’s a cheapo Ibanez, it’s got 7 strings (and that’s why I got it!). Usually it’s not evident for non-guitarists (or Guitarists who just play what they’re given) to be able to tell what the difference is between guitars, but this time it’s easier for me to tell these people. It has an extra string! (Thank you Mr Steve Vai for the Ibanez Universe and all the music, naturally).

Anyway, It’s been a pretty average week so far! All I can say is that I’m suffering from my usual shyness, yes even I suffer from an occasional bout of shyness, but I won’t go into that.

Now you know I said that this wouldn’t have anything to do with Van Halen?

Well I lied. Here’s a song that really can put me in a good mood!

Have a great day.

Miles Grindey