Statement regarding the upcoming General Election

When I stood back in 2015, I was grateful that over two thousand of you voted for the Green Party in Fareham and I thank you once again for that tremendous honour.  When this election was announced, I was incredibly humbled to receive many messages of support and offers to help campaign should I stand again. I am pleased to say the Fareham and Gosport Green Party have selected me as their candidate for Fareham in the general election.

Fareham is an area with great character, a fascinating history and some truly inspiring people that I have come to know my time growing up here. I have met residents who are battling the Conservatives to preserve the great character of their areas from over development, residents who are tirelessly campaigning for better bus routes in the Western Wards. It is these great people who continue to inspire me every day. Fareham needs someone in Parliament that will put forward legislation that will put our communities in the heart of decision making. We need someone in Parliament representing them and this is just not happening, we deserve better than this.   The Green Party is the party to make this happen.

I’ll be updating my website over the next few days as the campaign unfolds.

I’m looking forward to the campaign over the next few weeks.

Let’s #MakeFarehamFair!

Thank you for reading,



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