My pledge on Mental Health

According to Mind, nine out of ten people who have a mental health problem are stigmatised, discriminated against or isolated from the people around them. As someone who has suffered two mental health crises last year, I have experienced being told to “get over it” and found myself feeling incredibly alone during my struggle. I have also seen many loved ones around me struggle with their mental health throughout every stage of my life and have seen very little done to support them.

At the last general election, I pledged to make mental health a priority – and this hasn’t changed for this general election. That is why I have decided to make a stand and to make Mental Health a priority of our campaign.  I will campaign to make sure mental health is treated the same as physical health. We wouldn’t tell someone with a broken bone to “get over it” – so it shouldn’t be said to someone with a mental health problem.

When I was selected by the Fareham and Gosport Green Party, there are many issues that we as residents of Fareham have to address. Mental health is an issue that affects all of us – whether you’re rich or poor, young or old. Every one of us will have gone through a crisis at some point in our lives, and I encourage everyone to speak confidently about their mental health – you aren’t alone.

After the general election, I will be working on a project with music that I wrote during my crises to encourage others to speak about their mental health.

Thank you for reading,