The Perfect Week

I can say without a doubt that the 8th week of 2013 is the greatest week of my life so far. I’ve never felt so good in all my life I just feel so incredibly happy.

Monday and Tuesday I spent time with one of my best friends in the whole world, we sat around chatting and bantering. The weather was also really nice on Tuesday so I went with my friend on a walk around the area. That was nice! On Wednesday I just had a lazy day and helped my Grandparents with their shopping. Thursday was just a great, but lazy, day! Friday I had a great guitar lesson and I cannot thank my Teacher (Mark Poulter) enough for showing me more scales and stuff to assist me in my general playing, Then it was just sit around and wait for 8pm to fly around and so I could go to an old friend’s party. That was fun too!

Overall I must say I’m really pleased with life as it is right now, seeing so many people happy makes me happy. It’s just a beautiful thing life. I can tell you, dear Reader, right now that if I ever feel slightly down – for whatever reason – I shall look back to this week with a big “Grindey Grin” and just use that to make another time EVEN BETTER.

One of the happiest people around,

Miles Grindey.

He’s a Maverick, but he gets the job done!

Well in the first time in my entire life, I’ve taken part of the political process. I’ve taken the mick out of it! Why only 5 days ago I was in Eastleigh with one of my friends and we just trolled around just talking to different candidates, the NHAP (National Health Action Party) bloke was quite nice! Shame I don’t live in Eastleigh.

As of recently I was starting to doubt things, was starting to think things in my life were heading to a standstill. But I’m wrong, things are looking up once again and things are happening all the time to keep my optimism at an All Time High and yeah life is pretty good to me!  Though one of my old friend groups is on the verge of collapse (I have compared it to watching the Hindenburg fall in slow motion) I can safely say that I at least have my friends from it no matter what. Love those guys!

But yeah right now I’m once again with Tory Joe and yeah we’re just talking about “Life” and catching up on the good times! Though I prefer it when I’m in control of the music. Less sounds of Windows crashing in a remixed format.

Anyway have  a great day!

Miles Grindey

Well This Is a Bit Overdue

Today it is snowing after a while of no memorable snow days! Today has been good and I’ve seen a few friends so that’s good. It was my birthday a week ago as well, so I’ve been rather “pre-occupied”.

It’s not going to be a long blog post this, but I’m sure something interesting will happen soon!


Miles Grindey

“Well That Was Fast!”

So it’s been a few days since my last post – due to Christmas and illness! I’ve had the friendly staff at PJ’s Guitar Centre restring my Acoustic and have some work done on two of the Kramer Guitars! They’re going to look and sound great, my Acoustic sounds better than ever with some new strings and plays amazing with low action.

Such good guys over that store, I advise to check them out they’re absolutely fantastic, know their stuff and really can steer you on the right path if you want to play the guitar. I did some YouTube videos for them a while back.

Christmas was great, some quality time with the family and some great food being consumed! Never felt happier in my life, although that’s usually what Christmas should do for anyone who chooses to celebrate it.

Time to get cracking on with the Bond DVD box set I received!

Thanks for reading

Miles Grindey

Unemployment Blues

Well I’ve set up my own website, and right now I’m fighting with my mind what to write. I guess that these posts will be about my thoughts, and for those who just read the words “will be about my thoughts” and are deciding whether or not to click the exit button – I can assure you it is merely positive energy I try and give off.

I was thinking of doing this site like some sort of Guitar review/demonstration to help my YouTube videos (which as of May 2012 are on hiatus). But I fought against it – I’m not going to go uber personal and/or mention any names. It’s just going to be a blog, about what I’m doing.

So here goes…

Today I awoke after 7 hours sleep – it was a rather hectic evening, I was expecting to go to bed much earlier but circumstances prevented me from doing so. I used to think that I was an “Early Riser” and as such my day would be over by 4pm – but it appears I’m wrong!

Well anyway, one of the ‘many’ joys that unemployment brings to a 17 year old is the fact that I have some time now to get on with something useful, so I’ve spent most of the days I’ve been unemployed (well for me it’s out of education really – and that’s been since August 30th) working on my guitar playing.

It makes me cringe every time some cretin blames an immigrant for “stealing their job” or someone else says “there isn’t a job there” – what I usually say to these people is “Are you looking day and night for a job?” and usually the response I get is “No”. I am currently seeking work, something at a supermarket or something to get some work experience/extra money lying around, and although the amount of times I’ve received an email saying “We’re sorry but you’ve been unsuccessful” would drive any other human being into depression. But it’s with a level of optimism that I keep trying, and it’s the same level of optimism that I hope to put into this blog.

Thanks for reading

Miles Grindey